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About The Book


The I AM Consciousness awakens the reader to the Receptivity of the Infinite All-ness of God expressing as an Individual Being. 


As a Principle, a Meditation and a Practice, The I AM Consciousness is a divine technology for creating and experiencing a harmonious life of oneness, sacredness and wholeness both individually and as a collective.


“I AM is the Cosmic Divine Energy of Spirit.

It is the Void - the Silence, the Womb from which Creation proceeds and the sacred Ground upon which Life nurtures  us and expresses as us”


Esther Nana Schmidt


Practices Of The I AM Consciousness 





Cohering with Spirit and all beings.

Honoring Divinity in self and the collective

Receptivity to infinite All-ness

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The I AM Consciousness household Mantra Collections, Merch

The Merch

The I AM Consciousness Household Mantra Collection


“Ase - Aye - I AM” Mantra Hoodie

It is a powerful Creation and Manifestation Mantra when used as

directed in the teachings of The I AM Consciousness.


Basic Meaning Of The Mantra

Ase - Your God given innate power to co-create with the Divine.

Aye - Life / Earth  your sphere of dominion given to you by the Divine Mother.

I AM - Your spiritual identity and manifestation of divine All-ness. 


Esther Nana Schmidt is a teacher and practitioner of the I AM Consciousness and the Founder of I AM Spiritual Center.

As an advocate of a new narrative of God to the collective consciousness, her teachings of practical mysticism and practices are healing and helping many come into the Divine Integrity of their Souls and to live fully.


Esther travels to offer Healing Seminars, Retreats and Speaking at Conferences. 

She is also the facilitator of the yearly global    

I AM Healing Space event that brings Spiritual Teachers, Healers and Wellness experts together to upliftment the Collective into the Consciousness of Oneness, Sacredness, Wholeness.

She is also the founder of I AM Spiritual Center. 


With the demanding life of an entrepreneur one of her favorite things to do as a wife and mother when she is not on the road is spending quality time with her family hiking.

Esther Nana Schmidt


“The I AM Consciousness is a realization

of the Divine Self Sufficiency of

your own Being and taking 

Your Power Back from People, Condition,Places and Things 


Esther Nana Schmidt




Practice Living The I AM 
Consciousness with Esther


The I AM Consciousness Community is a loving sacred space for 

Spiritual Support & Nurturing with…


Heart Centered Devotions & Practices


Techniques For Living The I AM Consciousness


Meditations & Self-Inquiry 


Nature, Dominion & Ancestral Wisdom 


Connection & Community 

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Phillip A. McKenzie


Echad Ministries europe

Esther carries the mind and heart of the Christ to help others unfold into an awakened awareness of God within. She carries wisdom and compassion that is like flowing water to the mind, heart and soul; carrying you into wholeness and balance within. 

My time with Esther has been an enlightened experience; resetting my divine purpose, reigning hope within. Esther has an amazing ability to see the blocks and the passion to pursue truth on every level even when you cannot see it for yourself. I highly recommend to all who are seeking a fresh approach to knowing yourself and God within.

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Anne Seidel

Coach & Speaker

I am thankful to Esther for holding space for me in gaining back my self worth. Now I can fully accept, appreciate and love myself. I have a healthy self-confidence, I know what I am capable of and I am realizing my dreams step by step.

The self-realization Mentoring was one of my best decisions.

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Florian Von Hayer

CEO ArtefactYou

Working with Esther has helped me strengthen my faith in my Sacred-self and in the vision I am designing for my life. Challenging my status quo and circumstances requires me to face and overcome doubts and difficult questions. The teachings of Esther has helped me recognize that what I feel and perceive as ‘right’ comes from a higher source I can trust. Spirituality has always formed part of my life, but since working with her it has been taking on a new, powerful meaning.

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I AM Consciousness
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